The Austlen Entourage is a brand new stroller that has just been released onto the marked.  It is made by a company in Austin, Texas.  Marketed primarily as a single stroller with extension abilities to add on a second seat and carry a ton load of gear !  However because the frame extends, you can add a second seat and use it as a twin stroller  ! There are three seat styles that you can have, the most important I feel is the fact that it will take two baby car seats straight onto the frame!  This stroller is not widely available yet, but as the year goes on (2016) will be easier to find.  Right now I only have one online retailer which I have added below but will update that as more information comes through. The reason I included this was because whilst it is not so ideal for twins, the innovation of the extendible chassis cannot be ignored.

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Brand: Austlen
Model: Entourage
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: Not sure this is ideal for twin babies as not all the seats are the same size. 

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Not available in the UK although can be found on ebay sometimes.




This image demonstrates the two car seats in position with a huge amount of storage below. The frame then will accommodate two toddler seats once your babies have grown out of the infant car seats.  The only disadvantage I can see at this stage is that the second seat cannot face forward, it has to face backwards. There isn’t a huge amount of information about this right now as the stroller is so new. But I have a few facts and figures I will share with you.]


    • Will carry babies from newborn to 50lbs
    • The frame will take a maximum weight of 150lbs
    • The basket at the base will hold 65lbs
    • It comes with an extendable tote bag that grows with the frame however I am not sure that this will fit with two seats
    • Easy and compact when folded and can be folded with two seats
    • Made from quality fabric in blue or black with leatherette bumper bars
    • The seat cover are removable and washable
    • The generous sun canopies have an SPF of 45 and an extra pull out sun screen
    • Shock absorbing dual suspension
    • Never flat tyres


Folded  – 33″ L x 24.5″ W x 17.5″ H

Expanded  – 55″ L x 24.5″ W x 43.5 ” H

Wheelbase 24″

Seatback 18″

Canopy Height From Seat Bottom 26″

Seat Depth 9.5 “


The Austlen Entourage is a very adaptable stroller.  It will support two babies in car seats, the chassis is extendable, with tons of storage space.


The only disadvantage I can see is that when you come to put on the stroller seats, one is larger than the other.  One is classed as a second seat, which to be honest, I dont think would suit our twin parents. One baby would be in a smaller seat than the other.  It would suit a parent with different aged children, which is why I have included it to have at least one stroller for parents looking for this dimension.


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