All Natural Baby Soap


When my triplets were babies, I was terrified of doing something wrong that would not be absolutely the right thing. I used proprietary baby soap and powder, baby shampoo and lotion.  It is very mild and did what it was supposed to do, but it didnt cross my mind to check what was in it, it said ‘ Baby’ on it so it had to be good right?  Its only since I have started taking more notice of what goes into things that I have seen the chemicals added to soaps and baby products – preservatives, additives…


Small babes don’t need a bath everyday and it can dry their skin if bathed too much, which has got to be a consideration.  However, this was one of the small things I could do with my triplets when they were in hospital. We started off with just a sponge bath, when they were on ventilators, then as they got more stable and could be bathed, it was amazing to actually be able to do something for them.


As they got older and we got home, the bathing routine at night was part of their bedtime, getting them calmed down, relaxed and ready for bed.  But the one thing I didnt consider was the soap I was using. My babies did have dry skin and I used moisturising cream, it never crossed my mind at the time, that I could do something about it……. But I have now !

New All Natural Baby Soap

Natural Organic Coconut Oil


I have been trialing making baby soap using all natural ingredients, so no preservatives or additives to make the soap last longer which is what many companies do. They add unnecessary ingredients to make the soap more bubbly because they think that’s what people look for in a soap, they are overly perfumed using fragrance made up of chemicals and add colour thats also made of chemicals.

I have designed a completely natural baby soap using moisturising butters and oils. I have used only natural fragrance (there are two – one fragranced, one unfragranced)

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter



The soaps are made using  – organic olive oil, organic coconut butter, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, glycerin and natural goats milk. So a beautifully creamy soap that does not strip oils from the skin but moisturises.






The soaps, as they are produced in the UK, which is bound by the EU Regulations, has been thoroughly tested by a toxicologist and bound by strict criteria.

So I am very excited to present my baby soap to you.



If you would like to purchase a bar, 220g $10(£7)+postage , email Helen !







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