All in two diapers are a step up from the all in one. The all in two comes as two parts, one being a waterproof, reusable outer shell and a detachable insert (soaker pad) for absorbency.  The inserts can be tucked in or snapped in depending on the make.  The idea of these diapers is that the outer shell screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-10-40can be used several times and simply on a diaper change, the soaker pad is replaced.  This is easy to customise for your babies, so extra for nighttime or heavy wetters.


  •  Waterproof, reusable outer shell – require fewer because theyre reusable.
  • Detachable insert (soaker pad) for absorbency – can be biodegradable
  • Inserts can be tucked or snapped in depending on the make.
  • Easy to add extra pad for nighttime.
  • Better fitting so fewer leakages.
  • Dry quicker with separate soaker pads so need fewer.

Take a look at the All-In -Two Reviews then follow the link to purchase.


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