All in two diapers are a step up from the all in one. The all in two comes as two parts, one being a waterproof, reusable outer shell and a detachable insert (soaker pad) for absorbency.  The inserts can be tucked in or snapped in depending on the make.  The idea of these diapers is that the outer shell screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-10-40can be used several times and simply on a diaper change, the soaker pad is replaced.  This is easy to customise for your babies, so extra for nighttime or heavy wetters.

All in two’s have improved their design over the last few years. Initially there were issues with leaking, the fit wasn’t very trim with no elastic around the legs.  Not a great design for twins and triplet moms, great to only have to change the soaker but hey not so good when you have to change their clothes!

However designs have improved ! They are better fitting now, so less leakage.   They are eco friendly, if using with cloth soakers. Many of the disposable liners you can get now are biodegradable too.  Much more economical than a totally disposable diaper, long lasting and no folding or stuffing soaker pads in.

The other advantage of these diapers is that because the soaker pad is separate, they dry more quickly being in two parts and as you can reuse the outer shell, you need fewer !

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