All-In-One Cloth Diapers are the easiest diapers to use.  They have the absorbent material sewn directly into the diaper cover so really a use-straight-out-of-the-bag type of diaper. So essentially just like a disposable diaper, but you’re not going to dispose of it when you’re done!


The absorbent material used in the  diaper could be natural such as bamboo or a synthetic fibre so check this before you splash out on the favoured diaper that it has the material inner that you want.


Check the fastenings – snaps or velcro ? Both work well, its more what you prefer.


Are you wanting one size at a time? or do you want ones that will grow with your babies ? I would recommend the ones that will grow – cut down on the cost and these are likely to have an array of poppers along the waistband area so you can adjust the size as time goes by.

Bear in mind that all of the ones I have reviewed are multi sized, I have done that on purpose because as they are quite an outlay in the first place, the last thing you want is to have to replace when your babies grow out of the first size, so to be perfectly honest I couldn’t recommend getting the newborn sizes, unless you can find some second hand. I know that twins and triplets are smaller in the initial stages but I still wouldn’t recommend getting the newborn size.


The all-in-one cloth diapers offer flexibility and convenience, no diaper cover is required, no padding or stuffing, easy and uncomplicated.

One wear diaper – wash and reuse.

Pros and Cons

Be aware that as this diaper has all the absorbency stitched into it, it does take longer to dry thoroughly.  This is not a problem if you have plenty or have the use of a tumble dryer.   Line dry to start with, then finish in the dryer to get them completely dry is the best way.

I don’t think there is a great deal of difference between the all in one cloth diapers I have reviewed here.  They are the best quality on the market and I have tried to find ones that are more economical too. You will find the plain versions are cheaper, they are still the same quality.


Take a look at the diapers by clicking on All-In-One Cloth Diaper Reviews and onto purchase.



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