Hey Everyone.! Im Helen and I have triplets… maybe you’re expecting twins or  triplets and have arrived at my website whilst doing some searching into how you’re going to transport your little bundles of joy or even just cope! They are bundles of joy but at times very tiring ones! I have two non identical girls and one boy. They were born extremely prematurely and all had neonatal issues, the boy being the only one with longterm concerns, but thats another story!  Maybe you have also arrived here because you are a manager of a nursery and need suggestions for infant strollers, bottle feeding equipment, highchairs.  My Quest for the ideal equipment for my triplets…..

I trawled long and hard through the internet looking for the perfect triplets pushchair  for my babies.  Many hours were spent deliberating over the configuration of the transportation – two wide and one in front, three wide, or all tandem! They were my very first babies and as any new mum I wanted to have the biggest and best choice of colour, style, fabric etc etc , so I could choose perfection for my babies!  Hmmmmm…. well thats not really how it went,  I found it hard to source strollers for triplets, triplet buggies, triple jogging strollers, baby trend triple stroller …. anything triplet related really! That was a huge disappointment ! Thankfully today, 15 years later…. you get a lot more choice!

Leg Work

My mission for this website is not to clutter it with dos and dont’s for twins or triplet mums but an honest and practical reviews baby transportation, give you straightforward reviews on bottles, blogs about breastfeeding, diapers, safety aspects.  Many  may be the same for single babies, but what I hope to show is whether they are going to be a must have for a multiple parent or an   expensive mistake !

I hope to offer my experience of triplets to you when you choose the equipment for your twins or triplets and by reading through my reviews and following my blogs about life with triplets, I hope I can help you with your twins or triplets to have a happy family life, with happy, healthy babies ! Its not easy to feel you’re doing a good job when you are constantly tired and have no time to yourself, but  I hope I can send you on your way towards the right pushchair or high chair or whatever it is you need for your babies at the right price for you! I hope you find all the information you need to make a decision and save yourself a lot of leg work ( when you need to be resting!) If you find you need more information or would like further advice, please contact me!

Have a Great Day !


Founder of Twins and Triplets World

If you have any questions, or would like any advice, or you have any comments about the products on my website, send me an email ! Use the ‘Contact Me’ in the menu above, I will be straight back !

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  1. Hi Helen
    I am interested in purchasing the Baby Active Trippy Triplets Pushchair.
    Do you sell it on this website.
    How do I go about it.

    • Im afraid I dont, if you let me know where you live I will try to find you a local retailer. I do have a retailer on my website but these strollers are fairly tricky to locate.

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