Toddlers and young Children at Christmas !! Yay ! Its got to be the best time of year, their smiling faces, opening presents and playing together ! They do play together !! Hahahahah ! I loved that time of year when my three were small.  I hope you like the toys I have chosen, theyre both fun and full of learning opportunities… Toys should be fun, your children will love playing with them and even if they seem like theyre not learning, there is so much they will gain from playing alone and together. Have a look and tell me what you think of them !


  1. LuvaBella and LuvaBeau


 and Luvabeau  are cute interactive dolls. Luvabeau is new to the collection and the little boy version of the characterful toys. They are adorably interactive and have true to life facial expressions and movements.  So many ways to play and interact.  As I had two girls and one boy in my triplets, my boy got to play with lots of girl toys, such as the iron and the ironing board and he would often push around a pram with a baby in it, but Im not so sure he  would sit and play with an interactive doll so this might be for the girls.


  • Open eyes and giggle
  • Move, talk and play like a real baby
  • Cover her eyes for peek-a-boo, tickle her tummy to make her giggle
  • Hold her feet and she will babble and say ‘mama’
  • The ‘babble’ will change into over 100 clear words and phrases
  • Comes with four interactive accessories
  • Spoon to feed  – she will chew
  • Give her a soother
  • Put her to sleep with a bottle
  • Cute and will respond to your love !
  • Luvabella is available in different hair and skin tones
  • Different accessories are available separately


Watch the short video to see exactly what this cute interactive doll can do !

 2. Fred Dinner Winner Lunch Tray


is definitely a winner for those fussy eaters ! In my triplets, I had one very fussy eater.  He was a complete nightmare and to be honest, although he eats most things now, he is extremely slow ! I have threatened him with getting him one of those baby plates that you fill the base with hot water to keep the food warm but he says that he’s not bothered that his food is cold ! These winning lunch trays won Gold from Family Circle 2016.
    • 8 sections make up this awesome ‘game’ meal.
    • Neat sections for  ideal little portions.
    • The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special dessert treat is hidden under a little cover. 
    • Molded from 100%  BPA free melamine.
    • Dishwasher Safe.
    • Different designs to choose from – Enchanted Forest/Dino Dinner/Pirate/Superheros/Dinner Winner
    • Perfect for fussy eaters, gives encouragement to eat to the special treat at the end.


3. Topanifarm Stackable Cubes

This is a really popular variation on the stacking cubes idea.  A fun, traditional toy has been given a delightful twist in making the cubes into little houses for the sweet farmyard animals, all in bright appealing colours. There are so many different skills that can be practised here, along with your twins and triplets having a great time, stacking and matching each animal to its home.
  • 6 stacking blocks, each with a door cut into one side
  • Made from reinforced card and painted in bright, appealing colours with images to give plenty for your children to enjoy.
  • 6 animals to match to their houses – cow, pig, dog, cat, rabbit, chicken.
  • Develops gross motor skills and fine motor skills, stacking the brick in size order, the animal in their rightful home.
  • Learn the words for the animals and what their house is called and counting each one.
  • Neatly stores into each other !

Whilst this is made of reinforced cardboard and worry over being long lasting, I have found several reports that it has lasted extremely well. Of course cardboard doesn’t stand up well to being wet, so take care your little ones don’t start using it in the bathroom!  A much more interesting toy than the usual stacks of bricks, excellent for all children to encourage motor skills but also talking skills too.!



4. Hatchimal Surprise

Hatchimals came out last year, but this egg is new in the Hatchimal line and perfect for twins… because it hatches with twins! There is a magical hatch, where your twins can sit and watch the egg hatch… ! The twins interact, play games, talk and tell jokes and one can record and repeat messages. This are suitable for the upper end of this age group.



  • The egg contains  2 Hatchimals  with Instruction Booklet and Reference Guide in the packaging.
  •  Inside each magical speckled egg are Hatchimals twins, the colour of the speckled egg denotes the twins that will hatch. 
  • To start the hatching, you hold and rub the egg.
  • Sounds will be heard from the inside. 
  • The first hatcnhimal will push upwards and crack the egg. They only hatch once.
  • Reach inside to find the second hatchimal.
  • The twin hatchimals interact with each other and have different skills.
  • There are other products available in the Hatcnhimal range.
  • Hatchimals Surprise are made for kids aged 5+. 2 AA batteries and 3 LR44 button cells batteries required (included).


If you prefer for your twins/triplets to have one each at their age right now, you can purchase them an egg with one hatcnhimal in each egg. They’re so cute, and they independently ‘learn’ to walk and talk and interact! If you want to have a look at the individual hatchimals, follow the link above to Amazon and scroll down to look at the full list of Hatchimals.


5. Radio Control Cartoon Remote Control Cars

This is such a cute idea, well for twins that is, I would suggest if you have triplets, to get either two of these or this pack and a single, because I can see there will be arguments if they all want to play at the same time and in my house that frequently happened ! These are awesome, the drivers can be removed, switched around, your twins/triplets will have hours of fun!
  • Pack of two remote control cars – one police car and one firetruck with removable drivers.
  • Simple controllers with two buttons on different frequencies, so both cars can be used at the same time.
  • Bright and colourful designs, great music, flashing lights, and siren/honking sounds to appeal to your children.
  • ASTM certified for play with children age 3 and upwards.
  • Require 3AA batteries per car (not included) – great battery life.


6. Spirograph Junior

What a great gift as a starter set for 3-5 year olds, even young children can create some beautiful patterns as the Spirograph Junior has been made especially for small hands. The gears are much larger to make it easy for children to use, improving their hand eye co-ordination and spatial awareness. Comes with a neat case to keep everything from getting lost !  The markers are washable so no need to worry ! My triplets loved playing with spirograph and I remember it from my childhood too, amazing patterns so easily drawn.

  • Includes drawing tablet, jumbo wheels and gears, instructions, design sheets and 5 washable markers
  • The drawing tablet is both a storage case and work station.
  • Jumbo size for small hands to use.
  • For ages 3 years and upwards.
  • Instructions are straightforward so child can start straight away.
  • Takes smaller sheets of paper ( 1/2 A4) but does come with sheets to start off with and more packs of sheets are available separately.