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I have decided to add this information onto my website following the blog I wrote last week about babies sleeping in car seats.  If you want to read the blog follow this link ‘Sleeping In Car Seats’ .  Essentially a study was carried out in Bristol, UK, on the effects of leaving a young baby in a car seat for a long period of time, this timescale being over 1/2 hour, which I dont  consider a long period of time. But they found that the baby, young enough that it has no head control, would fall asleep, the head would flop forward, and partially block the airway, causing a drop in oxygen concentration in the blood stream. This potentially can lead to serious consequences, which even I wasn’t aware of when my triplets were this small. I didnt use these seats when my triplets were small, they had regular seats that would recline.

I also offered information last week in my blog about head support cushions, you can purchase that would support your babies head in alignment if you already have car seats for your triplets or twins and the expense of more seats would be prohibitive.



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The car seats….and we are talking about the car seats that you can carry.. clip into your stroller chassis… or clip into an isofix base that is in the car…. These car seats don’t really allow you to recline your baby further back so their head cannot flop forward. But I have been doing some research and have found a range of ‘iSize’ car seats that not only will recline back far enough for your baby to be perfectly safe, but will also grow  with your baby so you dont have to buy more seats as they get bigger.  Many of them will clip onto most stroller chassis with adapters.

Below I have found various car seats that come into this ‘iSize’ category that would be suitable for your twins and triplets from birth and are especially suitable for smaller babies, as is frequently the case with multiples. The ‘iSize’ category infant carriers and car seats are becoming more popular now with the new Car Seat Safety Regulations that were drawn up in 2015 which means that from 2018 all car seats and infant carriers must pass the ECE R 129 regulations for car seat safety.  You can check the information here

I understand that a lot of my readers are in the USA and these regulations do not affect you, but the same issue of your babies heads flopping forward and making breathing difficult whilst in these more upright car seats, will be happening and I want you to have the same up to date information as possible.  The first infant carrier I have reviewed here is not available in the USA but the second one is so you can make the choice yourself, whether you want an infant carrier that lies flat in the car and the stroller or you want one of the more upright ones, in which case please make sure you have read my blog on ‘Sleeping in Car Seats’


Purchase Information – £279.99

The Kiddy Evoluna iSize infant carrier meets the new ECE R 129 car seat Regulations for safety and offers maximum protection for a baby or toddler up to 15 months in age.  The Evoluna has state of the art technology to protect your baby in the event of an

impact but also their health and development. One huge advantage of this infant carrier is that it takes up only one car seat width so you can get three across the width of a car with ease!



Which? Magazine Best Buy was awarded to Evoluna iSize in 2016 having achieved the highest score ever for a Group 0+ R129 infant carrier.  This i the first ‘very good’ awarded to a child car seat since the new testing programme was introduced in 2015.

The independent crash tests carried out by Which?Magazine, ADAC and Stiftung Warentest have proved that both the upright and the lie-flat sleeping positions are safe. Which? Magazine concluded that “ the crash-test dummy readings were a bit better in the flatter position, as less force is placed on the neck, but all results indicate a low risk of injury.” The safety experts also certified that the Evoluna i-Size is especially safe in the event of a frontal or side crash.

Kiddy are the first manufacturer to offer a sleeping position for an infant in a car with this new lie flat infant carrier.  This means that whilst the baby is being transported in a car, the head, neck and body stay in line and this helps to maintain an open airway.  With a sleeping position of 30 degrees, this is a much healthier option, giving optimal support to the developing spine and neck.


The lie flat position can be maintained in a car, on the stroller or on the floor. For older babies, the infant carrier can be adjusted into a more upright seating position. The Evoluna i-Size, has unique patented KIDDY Lie-Flat Technology (KLF) technology which enables the infant carrier seat to be moved into two positions: an upright position or a lie-flat position.



‘When the handle is moved backwards, a slatted frame inside the infant carrier lifts up and gently moves the infant into a flat lying position. This flat position allows the child’s body, neck and head to lie inline, thus keeping their airway open. The impact-absorbing slatted frame facilitates air to circulate evenly around a child’s body, which helps to regulate their temperature, all year round.’

Watch the you tube video on the Kiddy Evo-lunafix iSize


*NEW ECE R 129 (‘i-Size’) safety certified.

*Side impact shock absorbers

* Lie flat sleep position in car and stroller.

* Padded soft seats with inlays for small/premature babies

*Integrated sun hood

*Shock absorbing slatted framework that allows air circulation

*Isofix/Latch base included in price.


*Fits a wide variety of pushchairs to form a travel system. Use your car seat like a carrycot with no time constraints. The baby is laid flat to maintain an open airway and facilitate healthy growth.

*Easily removed hard wearing, washable cover.

*Eight brilliant colours – to brighten up every day.

*Dimensions H 44 x W 66 x D 62 cm. Weight approx 4.9 kg


The lie flat function is attached to the handle which is not easy to move when the infant carrier is in the lie-flat position.

When the carrier is in the lie flat position it is approximately 76cm long so this may be a snug fit in smaller cars, but having said that who has a small car with twins and triplets!

The button to remove the carrier from the travel system adaptor is in an awkward position when lifting the seat.

Purchase Information

This iSize infant carrier is not available in the USA.

Kiddy EvoLunaFix Infant Carrier  – £279.99

Available in various bright and classic colours.

Cyber Platinum Aton Q

Purchase Information  – Magic Beans $329.99

This seat does mot work quite the same way as the previous one, it is not adjustable in the same way but has a removable insert that works in keeping young babies in a flatter position.  This is possibly the best solution with the limited infant carriers in the USA at the moment.  I am sure this will change as these new ‘iSize’ infant carriers become more freely stocked. screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-22-11-41

As the newest member of the awardwinning CYBEX infant car seats series, the Aton Q combines advanced safety and innovative functionality with with iconic design.

*New 8-position height adjustable headrest with integrated harness guide, the length of the harness changes automatically when the headrest is adjusted. This prevents any need for the difficult threading in and out of the harness and makes it almost impossible to misuse.screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-21-22-25

*Flattest possible lying angle between head, neck and chest. This is particularly important for premature babies and newborns, reducing the risk of breathing difficulties, through a removable seat insert, which also offers more space and comfort for bigger children once removed.

*Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)

*The very first forces of an accident are transferred by the extended sideprotector facing the door and are distributed to the car seat’s shell. The flexible material and structure of the infant car seat then absorbs the forces of an impact and channel them away from the baby.

*ECE R-44/04 – New Safety Standards 2016

* Weight 0-13 KG – however moving onto a different car seat is now not guided by the weight of the child but the height of the child.

*Integrated XXL foldaway sun canopy.

The infant car seat can be easily snapped into the base and used without having to additionally secure it with the car seat belt. The base can be installed with the ISOFIX/LATCH connectors or in cars without ISOFIX/LATCH use the car seat belt.


Purchase Information



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