Gifts for 0-2 year olds can be tricky…

Do you give them something to wear because theyre not really going to remember what you gave them and it might be cute for a few weeks? or something for mommy to play with them with?  Ive tried to combine the last one, something to play with, alongside the skills they will acquire when they do play with it…. maybe improve spatial awareness, or hand eye co-ordination, whilst still being fun of course !


They’re listed here along with a description of the toy and a link to where you can get it the cheapest.  Happy Hunting ! And please leave me comments below if you like the toys here ! Or if you have others that you think other moms would love for their twins or triplets !

    1. Ollie Owl – Age O+

Ollie is a soft owl from GroupO Company.  It has a built in ‘cry sensor’ that is activated when your baby cries and Ollie will automatically start playing soothing sounds to help settle your baby back to sleep.  Ollie will hear all noises in the room but is specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds, to soothe your baby and allow them to self settle once they are old enough to do this.

      • Four soothing sounds – rainfall, heartbeat, white noise (static sound) and Brahms Lullaby.
      • Sounds play for 20 minutes, then Ollie goes to standby and will react again should your baby cry in the next 3 hours.
      • Adjustable volume so you can tailor it to your baby and the distance you place Ollie from the crib.
      • Light in Ollie’s tummy to create a calming environment for your baby in the night. It  has 3 different levels of light and switches off after 3o minutes.
      • Can be attached to the cot with a velcro fastening.
      • Suitable from birth.
      • Surface wash only.


This appealed to me particularly because of the self soothe capability.  Of course you would go into your very young babies to feed and change and soothe, but the whole time they are listening to the music, they are getting used to the calmness of night time so over a period of time as your babies get older and dont need as much attention at night, they will have the comfort of their owl.


2. Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks


A perfectly delightful toy for babies and toddlers – each with a different colour and unique sound. So many different ways to play with the 6 rubber wood blocks, each with coloured perspex sides.
Give each block a shake to hear the sound.



  • 2 square, 2 rectangles, 2 cylinders
  • Lots of activities : shaking, rattling, sorting, matching, building, stacking.
  • Fit the blocks together.
  • Learn the colours.
  • shaking and rattling
  • sorting
  • matching
  • building
  • stacking
  • working out the puzzle of how to fit the blocks back in
  • learning colours
  • blending colours by looking through two blocks
  • Neat storage box for the blocks
  • All non toxic finishes.


wonderblocks are designed to get little hands manipulating them to listen to the sounds, look through them and stack them or pack them into their box.  At first they will get thrown across the floor, but theyre sturdy and will stand up to this so dont panic but as your babies turn into toddlers, they will look through them and take more intricate interest in them, a great long lasting toy.

3. Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube

This activity play cube is perfect for twins and triplets  because its big enough for two or three babies to play with all at once !  It has four unique sides and a top with beautifully coloured activities.

  • Great fun and learning at the same time.
  • Four unique sides with interesting features to each one.
  • Inserting shapes, guiding cute characters through a maze, spinning shapes.
  • Encourages toddlers to recognise shapes, colours
  • Developing fine motor skills and problem solve.
  • Quality construction with wood finished with non toxic colours.
  • Perfect for 12 months+


I would recommend not using the little hammer at the 12 month+ stage, I can see that it will be more than the activity centre being tapped with it, if my three are anything to go by. But having a toy that they share without impinging on each others fun is excellent, giving you a focus to be able to spend quality time with them whilst they enjoy the different sides to the cube.  As they get older, they will become more adept at doing the puzzles and more likely to get some alone time playing with it.



UK Activity Cube is slightly different as the Critters Cube isn’t sold in the UK.




4. Fisher Price Bright Beats!

This toy was awarded Toddler Toy of the Year in 2016.  It is the perfect playtime pal for your twins and triplets!

BeatBo has buttons on his tummy and feet and he will sing songs, learn phrases and remix into a song ! He shakes his hips and nods his head !

  • Multicolour LED grid tummy with buttons on on his feet – press to get the party going!
  • Baby’s actions with Beatbo make exciting things happen, so baby gets a reward for their action.
  • 3 Modes – dance ‘n move – get baby moving, learn and games – introducing alphabet, colour’s counting, customised singalong – mommy and babies can record phrases that BeatBo will remix into a song.
  • Encourages hand/eye co-ordination
  • Includes music, songs, phrases, lights, and bright colours
  • Needs 4AA batteries


5. Bamboo Plate and Bowl Set

I  am always on the lookout for environmentally friendly kitchen solutions and these bamboo plate and bowl sets are perfect ! They are the perfect gift for toddlers starting out on independent eating but also for anyone with babies starting solid feeding. I love the idea that we are helping the planet by not using stuff that will end up in the oceans.
  • 100% safe and eco- friendly. The bamboo is fast growing, easily renewable and easy to grow.
  • Free from BPA, phthalates and other toxins and FDA approved.
  • Bamboo requires no pesticides to be used in its growth.
  • Set includes a plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork.
  • Many different themes to choose from depending on USA or UK but there are so many within each country you are sure to be able to find a different set for each twin or triplet.
  • Not too expensive to buy one for each child !
  • Keeps the child engaged whilst they eat
  • Ergonomically designed to make independent eating easier for the toddler


Bamboo tableware available in USA

The USA link takes you to similar cute bamboo tableware but sadly this specific one isn’t available.

Few facts on Bamboo 

    • no pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing of bamboo
    • it requires no special watering
    • it grows from the root so once harvested, does not need to be replanted
    • grows to full height in 3-5 yeares
    • it is critical to the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produces 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees
    • stops soil erosion
    • I takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    • will grow almost anywhere
    • production of bamboo has a lower environmental impact than other forms of fibre.